Hi-Top Bets – Week 3 College Football Picks

It feels good to be the 👑.

Hi-Top was a STRONG 2-1 last week with yours truly the Lil’ Dogg hitting the daily double – yes Wisconsin/New Mexico hit right on 59 total but most books went off at 58.5 so that’s a W right there folks. And Georgia was a gimmie gimmie GIMMIE pick all day long – straight 💵 homie!

Our fearless leader Le Cap didn’t fair as well as USC just did not show up against Stanford. That puts Cap at 1-1 so far early in the season. But fret not Le Cap is know far and wide for his hot streaks so look out.

Season Record 4-2

You are flush with cash and your bookie is starting to contemplate ignoring your texts.

Week 3

Lil’ Dogg 🔒 of the Century

Oklahoma (-17.5) at Iowa State

Free Money right here folks. The Cyclones put up a futile 3 points against Iowa. Their leading rusher had 44 yards. They might not cross mid-field all game. And on the other side of the ball it will be an assembly line of TDS for the Sooners. 75-0 is not out of the question.

🤔 Game of the Week

FSU at Syracuse (+3)

Now to be clear I’m not officially picking the Orange here but I’m also NOT not picking them if you know what I mean. The Seminoles have looked like straight 🚮 the first two weeks and the Cuse have been rolling. A Syracuse win outright would not be a shocker.

Le Cap’s Dawg of the Week

The ol’ Capitaine loves himself an underdog and this week he’s taking the Tigers over the….ahhhh…Tigers. Oh yeah that’s right half the teams in the SEC are the Tigers so I guess we need to be a bit more specific. These Tigers

Over these Tigers

LSU (+10.5) at Auburn

Both Tigers have looked good early in the season though Auburn has faced the tougher early test. LSU’s win over Miami may look not as impressive as the season goes on while Washington should win the PAC-12. On the road LSU will have to put up a mighty fight which they are more than capable of doing. Le Cap says this one will be close so take the points and enjoy the show.

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