All They Do Is Win Win Win

This weekend was a gigantic WIN in every single way imaginable for The Patriots.

First, the obvious…they beat the Texans on Sunday, and despite the final score, the game was never in doubt. From the Texans’ opening boneheaded play, to the idiotic failure of former BB disciple BO’B failing to call timeout to allow for a review, to Houston’s garbage time “comeback” attempt…it was all Patriots all day. Big win for Belichick here…the Texans were considered by some to be dangerous this year, and O’Brien considered a rising star. Pfffft. He had the pants coached off of him, and his idiotic post-game press conference was an even poorer display.



The other win in New England has played out over the last few weeks. While I don’t think the turmoil is done and gone between the Alphas in the organization, they’ve at least gone back to suppressing it. Brady has gone back to saying the right things- apparently giving up acting like a passive aggressive 6 year old- and all seems aligned for another (ho-hum) 12-13 Win- First round bye- AFC Championship Trip…type of season.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, Jimmy G led his 49ers to a loss with his disgraceful 3 INT effort. Now, this isn’t as much of a win for Belichick- who seemed to carefully place Jimmy in a spot to succeed- but it’s a win in general for the local squad. It’s also a big win for Le Cap, as I am repeatedly on record as saying Jimmy is overrated, mediocre, above average, soft, injury prone, unproven….take your pick, I’ve said them all. Now, he’s 5-1 in San Fran, but he’s also racked up an embarrassing 8 TD: 8 INT ratio in 6 games, with an 88 QB rating. All at like 28M per season….Woof.

Matty p


Last night, another event played out that can be considered a kind of win for Belichick, as the Detroit Lions and new Coach Matt Patricia, were undressed by the New York Jets and future STUD Sam Darnold. Now, true, the Jets having a real QB and potentially not being a joke isn’t good for New England (more on that in a second), but Patricia following up his February performance v Nick Foles with this stinker…not a good look. And somewhere deep down in the subconscious of everyone, it takes a tiny bit of focus from Belichick and the Butler decision, and puts a little more blame squarely on the rocket scientist for the piss poor defensive effort.

Now, the one “loss” for NE this week, is apparently that the Jets are for real-ish. Darnold is legit. He will struggle at times, he’s a 21 year old rookie, and saddled with the questionable-at-best Jets staff. I also have no doubt that New England will be able to confound him, at least the first time they face him, but over the next couple of years, with Darnold, and a really good and criminally underrated receiving corps…the Jets could be some trouble. Just sayin…keep an eye on this. 


Other Good-for-Patriots Notes:

  • The Steelers prove once again, they are a bunch of frauds
  • Potential NFC-counterpart, the Saints, are also a bunch of frauds
  • The Raiders, under Gruden, remain frauds
  • The Bills and Dolphins? You guessed it….F-R-A-U-D-S


So, much like we have been used to, all enemies, direct or indirect, shall be vanquished, and the Patriots will keep on residing at the top of the heap.




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