Newsreel Recaps of Sporting Events are the Absolute BEST

The Original People’s Champ, The King Arnold Palmer was born on this day 89 years ago.

In tribute the US Open posted this old Newsreel clip:

Goddamnit I wish we still had Newsreel style recaps of sporting events. I would take the entire Internet and shoot it to the moon in exchange for Newsreel recaps.

Obviously (despite what certain idiots think) America and the world in general is leaps and bounds better now than it was 50 years ago in almost every way except for 2 things:

1) Music. The internet killed music dead. I’d cut off my left pinky toe to remove music from the internet and go back to the days of record stores and radio and MTV (pre-reality crap of course).

2) Sports highlights. Yes it’s great to be able to see a highlight within seconds of it happening but there was an art to the sporting event recap. SportCenter was great but the true Art of the Sports Recap was the Newsreel.

If the Lil’ Dogg had a Delorean this pup would fire it up to 88 mph and pay a nickel to go to “Picture Show” and watch Newsreel clips and Bugs Bunny cartoons before a showing of From Here to Eternity.

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