Lil’ Dogg Nemesis John Legend Achieves EGOT Status

What’s worse than waking up on a Monday morning to find out your nemesis has gone and done something legendary:

First off congrats to Mr. Christy Teigen. Well done. The EGOT* is serious business. It’s like the 40/40 club for entertainers. Very small company.

*EGOT stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony. Only a handful of people have won all four including legends like Audrey Hepburn, Mel Brooks and Whoopi Goldberg.

**It also should be noted that there are various types of Emmy’s with “Primetime Emmy” leading the way.

***John Legend won his Emmy as a producer during the Creative Arts Emmy’s. Yeah that’s petty as hell to mention (he is my Nemesis don’t forget) but also true. (Until he most likely wins for Best Actor in the real Emmy’s coming up).

Secondly, EFFFFF YOU JOHN LEGEND!!!!!!!!

For those not in the know, the Lil’ Dogg has held a personal vendetta against John Legend going back for what seems like two decades now but really no one knows when or how it started.

And that’s because no one knows when or how John Legend became famous.

Nominally he is a “musical artist” by profession. But let the Lil’ Dogg ask you, Hi-Topper Nation, a question – Can you name ONE John Legend song??????

No. Of course you can’t. Nobody can.

Yet despite the fact that his actual recorded music career is completely inconsequential, JOHN LEGEND IS EVERYWHERE.

There is not one televised event that John Legend doesn’t appear at.

Grammy’s – No brainer, John Legend is on stage with someone.

Oscar’s – John Legend is singing a tribute to whoever just died.

Tony’s – John Legend is performing in some play you never heard of.

Super Bowl – John Legend is singing in the pre-game.

NBA All-Star Game – John Legend is doing the National Anthem.

Telethon for the latest tragedy – John Legend is in the background manning the phones.

Good Morning America on random Thursday in April – John Legend is performing a Special GMA Concert in Central Park

John Legend is ALWAYS ON TV!!!!!!!

Listen, the Lil’ Dogg has nothing against the man personally. He seems like a very sweet fellow. And this pup is Team Teigen all the way, she’s just delightful.

But I just can’t take anymore John Legend on my TV.

At least not until he’s released a song that I actually know. Give me 1 hit song John Legend. Just one. Until then you will remain Lil’ Dogg’s Nemesis and frankly that’s just a spot you don’t want to be in. EGOT be damned.

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