The Shoh Stopper – Ohtani with Double Ding Dongs

Hey Le Cap, Shohei Ohtani has a special delivery for ya. Two actual:

Everybody wants to talk about Tommy John surgery. But the Sho Stopper just wants to go to Big Fly City. Three times in two games for those keeping score at home.

That makes 18 dingalings in the year for Ohtani.

Pour one out for our fearless leader Le Cap and his burning Hot Take that has not aged well.

Listen it sucks a duck majorly that Ohntani’s arm is all messed up and the baseball gods are praying that it all works out in the end with the least amount of IR time possible but anyone still arguing that his rookie year hasn’t been special just has their head in the sand.

Rookie of the Year Shohei Ohtani and it ain’t even close.

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