Hi-Top Golf – Get to know Jon Rahm

The Hi-Top – Get to Know series will be highlighting some lesser known PGA Tour players that we think the casual weekend duffer should be aware of. Let’s move beyond the Rorys and Tigers and get to know some real Golf lifers.

Who: Jon Rahm

Why: Rahm will be making his inaugural appearance in the Ryder Cup for Team Europe.

Fast Facts

Age: 23

Swing: Right

Country: Spain

Career Tour Wins: 5 (3 on the Euro Tour)

Why Jon Rahm is a Hi-Top Guy

First off the dude is built like a brick shit house. Guy is HUUUUUGE. If Rahm had been born in Topeka, Kansas he’d be starting at Tight End for the Chiefs right now. But thankfully for us duffers he wasn’t. Which brings us to Point #2 – Rahm is from Basque Country in Spain. We are BIG TIME Basque Guys here at Hi-Top. Love love love the Basque Country. The Catalans get all the press but Basque is where it’s really at it if you’re in the know and you know Hi-Top is always in the know.

Now of course Rahm hits the ball a Basque Country mile but he’s also got touch:

Lil’ Dogg fully endorsed pitching from ON the green. Straight up baller move right there.

And before you get your patriotic pants in a bunch, yes Hi-Top Nation we are Team USA all the way but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the competition. And Jon Rahm is certainly worth appreciation.

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