Saban Attacks Unfair: Fake outrage at all time high

The college football season got off to a great start. There were teams at the top asserting their dominance over the national landscape. There were some near upsets. There were some top 25 battles. And there was the U getting utterly undressed by Coach O and the Tigers on Sunday night.

But, amidst all of the great action, one storyline rose above all. It was the national outcry aimed at Nick Saban’s awful, insulting, very very very mean comments to sideline reporter Maria Taylor, following Saturday night’s victory


Oh, the humanity. Such a terrible, terrible thing. Dear god, I hope there were no children watching.

Look…the best team in the country, in the middle of the best run of the last 50 years, might have the two best QB’s in the SEC, and Saban has been asked about this everyday since January’s national championship game. And to his credit, he has handled it absolutely flawlessly. Had he not, Jalen Hurts would’ve been long gone months ago.

So, after a season-opening victory, in which the playing time clarified the issue for everyone, the first thing he’s asked is the same old tired question about the quarterbacks. Saban didn’t do anything but come to the players’ defense here. He should be revered for this…not ripped. 

It’s unfortunate that Taylor- who from all accounts does a great job- was the one in the firing line. But it was clear to any objective human being with a brain, that Saban’s comments were directed at the entire media circus around his team, not at her.  

Now, for Maria Taylor’s part…she absolutely didn’t do anything wrong. She asked a relevant question, one that many want to hear. And when she got the snippy response, she was a total pro, and moved right along. She even said “I hear ya”…essentially acknowledging she expected pretty much the response she got.

So, attention twitter heroes…swooping in to try and save Maria Taylor from the big bad meanie….


Some of the outrage really reeks of – if not outwardly proclaims- “Saban acted this way to her because she’s a woman”…which is not only insulting to Maria, it’s also patently false. Saban is a dick to everyone, all the time, 24/7. This is well-established, and not debatable.

Also of note, Saban has already called Taylor and apologized for his being snippy, so you all can drop that tired shit about his “attitude towards the media”. He, and other coaches, don’t OWE you shit. They owe something to their employers, and their players…and that is winning, avoiding rules violations, and criminal complaints. Being friendly isn’t part of the deal…no matter how hard you all try to convince people.

This is nothing but a coordinated attack on the Greatest College Coach who has ever lived, and, on some level, I get it. He is often a jerk with the media, so when there is a little bit of an opportunity, they are firing back. But this is a real stretch, IMO, and like always, Nick will come out on top. 



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