Hi-Top Bets – We are literally giving you Free Money

Hi-Top Nation the College Football season is 1 day old and Hi-Top remains undefeated as


We are talking Easy πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅

All you have to do is follow everything we say exactly as we say it. If you listened to your pup yesterday then you’d already be up big. UCF -23.5 was FREE MONEY!!!!! And there are plays like that every week in College Football. Absolutely Vinnie picks. But you have to be able to spot them.

And spot them Hi-Top can.

Here’s a little true crime story for y’all. Lil’ Dogg and Le Cap (and a 3rd co-conspirator who shall remain nameless) went on a 3 season College Football run that was so epic and so legendary that we literally bankrupted a local bookie (who shall also remain nameless). The Third Eye Cartel, as we were known in certain circles, was so vicious and deadly that we were Shadow Banned by the local bookie conglomerate. Nobody will take our bets because WE ALWAYS WON.

We cashed so many winners that betting actually became routine and boring. So Le Cap and yours truly turned to the Blog Game to get our kicks.

And now it all comes full circle because Hi-Top will GUARANTEE WINNERS each and every weekend throughout the CFB Season.

Week 1

The early weeks of the CFB season are the Wild West. Teams getting in non-conference cupcake games with 30-40 point spreads. Some of these game end up 70 point routes and others get a lot closer than anyone imaged. To the untrained eye everything looks like a coin flip. But to the expert, the marks stick out like Lee Corso at a Mensa convention. The key is to zero in on 1 game and ignore everything else. We already gave you the Gimmie πŸ’° Pick of the Week with UCF so these next two are simply extra gravy.

Lil’ Dogg

Wisconsin -36.5 v Western Kentucky

Le Cap

Oklahoma -21 v FAU

We’re playing the big spreads early folks. Wisconsin might be the best team in the country. This will be a 64-0 romp. Le Cap is going out on a little more of a limb here and maybe letting his Lain Kiffin hate get the best of him. Although FAU might put up a fight early, 3 TDs is nothing when you are talking about the talent difference between these programs. OU will win handily no doubt.

There it is Hi-Topper Nation. Don’t say we never did nothing for ya cuz this is FREE MONEY!!!!!!

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