Defending National Champions Open Season Tonight

The Official Hi-Top Approved National Champs, the UCF Knights open their season tonight in America’s #1 Sports Rivalry -The ConFLiCT against the UConn Huskies.

First things first – Why is it The ConFLiCT and not The ConnFLict????? Somebody really screwed the pooch on that one.

Secondly, Hey Le Cap –

UCF are in the record books!

Listen folks, Hi-Topper Nation knows the Lil’ Dogg never gloats so this pup will absolutely not rub this in Le Cap’s Satan loving, sorry that’s Saban loving face but in the Official Eyes of the NCAA, the 2017 National Championship is a shared title – as it should be.

All is now right with the world.

Now back to The ConnFlict. It’s only right that the new season should kickoff with the Defending Champs kicking some serious butt.

The line is UCF -23.5 and when this pup says we have an IRON CLAD LOCK on our hands you best listen up. This one is going to get ugly fast and I won’t be shocked to see a 60 point win by the Champs.

Bet the house on the Knights and thank Hi-Top in the morning.

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