Golfers Behaving Badly – Patrick Reed vs Baseball

The PGA Tour is in town here in the Greater Boston area for the Dell Technologies Championship and the players are all popping up around town, seeing the sights and what not.

Justin Thomas threw out the first pitch at a Red Sox game:

Patrick Reed happened to be at the game as well. But unfortunately Patrick didn’t seem to have as nice a time as Justin:

A couple of quick questions for ol’ Patrick here:

1) Is this your first experience with the sport of baseball?????

What the hell is the “line drive section”? Unless you are seated directly behind home plate I’m pretty certain the entire rest of the ball park is capable of being reached by some sort of line drive.

2) Are you really complaining about having to sit with other people from the PGA Tour?

Your reputation for being, let’s say less than gracious certainly precedes you but we thought that was only when it comes to dealing with your immediate family. Who knew you also despised having to interact with co-workers as well. I get the feeling Patrick is only comfortable around his wife and a golf ball and nothing else.

3) #frontrow ???????

This one is a real head scratcher. Is Patrick complaining that he’s not in the front row? Cuz if anything is in the “line drive section” it would be the front row. Or even more bizarrely is he actually complaining that he IS in the front row?????

Now the Lil’ Dogg is nothing if not sympathetic to the plight of others and I also happen to be excellent at reading between the lines and this pup has a Hot Take on Patrick’s ballpark situation.

Patrick don’t give an eff where he sits.


Now I don’t know Patrick Reed’s wife from a hole in a wall but this reeks of “My wife is not happy and won’t shut up about it.”

Listen Patrick it sucks you paid $650 to see the Red Sox at Fenway Park in seats that were too good for your liking. It takes a PGA Pro about ten whole seconds to make $650 so I feel your pain Buddy I really do.

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