NBA Sneaker Wars

Let the Sneaker Wars begin:

At first glance this appears to be the ultimate “who cares?” story for the casual sports fan.

Colorful sneakers????

Layers my friends. There’s always a multitude of layers.

First off this is yet another shot across the bow at the NFL and MLB. Two stodgy old “members only, our way or the highway, when you live under my roof you follow my rules” leagues who just love love love to stifle anything and everything that could be in anyway a gateway to more independent minded players.

The goddamn NFL will fine players if their socks slip down a half an inch. And the MLB thinks letting players put stupid nicknames on the jerseys 1 game a year is some groundbreaking freedom initiative.

Meanwhile the NBA has never shied away from encouraging individual player expression. In fact it’s the leagues stock & trade.

Let the players be creative, express themselves and *gasp* HAVE FUN!!!!!

Breaking news: Sports are fun.

And the sad part is this actually is breaking news for the NFL and MLB. The most exciting thing that can happen in a 5 hour baseball marathon is a home run. Yet when a guy does jack out a ding dong, god forbid if enjoys the moment or displays any emotion. That would break the sacred Unwritten Rules.

Facts is facts and the fact is bat flips are cool as hell. Let these dudes flip their bats all the way up to high heaven.

I won’t even get into the fact that the NFL and MLB hunt down people who post game highlights to Twitter like they’re tracking down Nazi Sympathizers.

So in the end what may seem like a meaningless end of summer news item about sneakers is actually yet another victory lap for the National Basketball Association.

And the NFL will continue to be the league you watch if you like commercial breaks and referees and baseball will continue to be only worthwhile in person in the bleachers under the sun with a beer in your hand.

God bless the NBA.

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