Hi-Top 100 Ultimate 80s Movie Countdown Part 16 -#25-21

25. Gleaming the Cube

Gleaming the Cube is about two things – style and skating. The plot of the movie is neither here nor there and only exists so we can watch Christian Slater (or more likely his stunt double from the Bones Brigade) thrash in true late 80s fashion. That means SoCal punk posters, ripped jeans and bleached hair. Ollie high. Skate or Die.

24. Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon may not have invented the Buddy Cop Movie Genre but it certainly without a doubt turned the whole thing on its head and instantly became the best example of said genre. The entire movie is one giant textbook on how to make an action thriller. Unfortunately the countless ripoffs have sullied the legacy of the Buddy Cop Film. But nonetheless Lethal Weapon still stands proud as how to do it the right way.

23. ET

23????? Yes 23. ET is great don’t get me wrong but if you haven’t watched it lately we’ll it just doesn’t hold up as well as some other 80s classics. Facts is facts folks and the fact is ET kind of drags and you’re left just sort of tapping your feet waiting for the good bits. That being said the good bits are Film History level classic just etched into the collective consciousness of America so there’s that.

22. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

The opening nightclub set piece of Temple of Doom would itself rank as probably a Top 10 movie of All-Time. Unfortunately the rest of ToD doesn’t live up to the opening bit. The bar had been set so high with Raiders that its amazing that Temple even reached those peaks at all but some come down was surely inevitable. Still that opening scene…oh man.

21. Terminator

The original Terminator was not the CGI showcase that the later flicks became. It was down right gritty. Arnold was a nearly mute murder machine and Sarah Conner was tough as nails badass. While T2 took the whole thing into interstellar overdrive it was the grit and grime of the first movie that none of the sequels could ever recapture and the reason why none ever reached the pure enjoyment highs of the first go round.

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