Hey Brady – Act your age not your shoe size

If you are a 😍Tom Brady😍 Fan Boy here’s a little Trigger Warning before we begin: You might want to sit this one out.

The breaking news from Patriot Nation today was not Shaq Mason signing a contract extension or the fact they the team seems to be content starting the season with zero Wide Receivers.

No. Instead the Big News was that QB1 Thomas Brady hung up on his WEEI phone-in interview this morning after being asked about his personal guru Alex Guerrero.

It should be said that this is NOT the first time Brady has pulled this move.

And he’s getting PAID to do these phone-ins.

Listen the Lil’ Dogg gets it. Tom Brady has delivered ON THE FIELD for the New England Patriots. There’s no debate there.

But if you still think Tom Brady, the human being, is the “Golden Boy” then sadly you have your head stuck in the sand and might want to think about removing it.

Here’s a few things Tom Brady is OFF THE FIELD –

A man with multiple children by multiple women.

A snake oil salesman who is pedaling “pseudo science” workout gimmicks for big bucks. “Pliability” ain’t a real thing folks.

A public supporter of Donald Trump. Now we don’t get into politics here at Hi-Top but it’s fairly safe to say that if you were or still are on Team Trump then I don’t want to know you.

And perhaps worst of all, a thin skinned baby who holds grudges and feels like he is entitled to not have to answer to anyone.

Obviously if you are looking to NFL Players as beacons of morality then you are sadly barking up the wrong tree.

But the thing is time and time again Brady is held up as the Special One. The Golden Boy. And the fact is he NEVER gets called out on things that other players get crucified for:

being a Prima Donna ✔️

Putting self above team ✔️

Causing distractions ✔️

Alex Guerrero is a legit topic to be reported on because Tom Brady made him one. Without Tom Brady who is Alex Guerrero????? A nobody that no one has ever heard of, that’s who. So yes Tom you need to address this topic because you choose to credit your success to your personal trainer above the Patriots actual staff.

These EEI questions were not exactly hard balls. All Brady has to say is “The matter is settled. There’s no issues. It’s all good.”

But instead Brady acts like he’s 12 and not 41 and hangs up on a softball radio interview.

There always has been and always will be a double standard for certain players but the Lil’ Dogg is a call ’em like I see ’em pup and this pup has had enough of Tom Brady’s shit.

Facts is facts and the fact is that 41 ain’t 31 and it sure as hell ain’t 21. And the writing on the wall is that unless Alex Guerrero really did discover the secrets of the universe with pliability, the Brady Era is going to come crashing down and I suspect it won’t be pretty.

The good news is if Guerrero did unlock the keys to immortality it’ll only cost you about $999.99 to find out.

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