Best of the Week(s): Aug 12-26th

We are hearing good things from people about what we’re doing, and what we’re posting…and we’re thrilled more and more people are enjoying it.

And, we love to have you stick around and check out more of our posts.

You can visit the site directly, or through our Facebook or twitter pages, and you can navigate by scrolling through, using the search function, or the categories.

All that is pretty easy, but I’ll tell you what…I’m gonna make it even easier for you. Every weekend I’m going to pick out a few of my favorites from previous week, and link them right here. Hope you enjoy:

Best of the Week(s):

If countdowns are your thing, we had the latest installment in the Ultimate 80’s Movie Countdown AND a Top 39 Best Nu-Metal Songs

There was a great golf story about a guy who bit another guy’s finger off

Some baseball MVP talk: Betts v Ramirez

And by far…the biggest story we’ve had in months…generating clicks all over the US…the story about the LLWS Umpire trying to ruin everything

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