Tiger v Phil will be a live Pay Per View….wait what?!?!?!??

The Good News – Tiger v Phil is confirmed for Thanksgiving Weekend.

The Absolutely Horrible No Good Who the Hell Thought of This News – the match will only be available live on PPV.

Here’s the details:

This is a HARD PASS from the Lil’ Dogg folks.

Sure this pup would love to pretend it’s the glory days and plop down on the couch to watch Lefty take on Tiger. I’ll watch TNT for 4 hours no question on the day after Thanksgiving.

But you want me to fork over $49.99 (just a guess there, no actual price has been announced yet)?????

Ummmm that’s an N to the O right there.

First off, what in the ever loving fudge is B/R Live?????? Sorry Ted Turner but Bleacher Report is utter crap so….

Actually that’s it.

Bleacher Report is a direct Hi-Top Table Athletics competitor so this is a no-brainer. The content game is a war. Can’t support the enemy.

And we expect the same commitment from the entire Hi-Top Nation.

(Now about those illegal streams I’m always hearing about….)

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