Shocker – Little League Ump ruins LLWS game ending play

Nice job by the Right Field Umpire getting directly in the way of the kid trying to throw out the game winning run at home.

If this was a run of the mill play in the bottom of the third it would have been bad but this was the game winning run in an elimination match up.


Listen the Lil’ Dogg gets it. These are volunteers. They’re nice people freely giving up their time.

Except they’re not.

The Home Plate Umps think they’re Leslie Neilsen:

Never mind the fact that the strike zone is about as consistent as Shaq shooting free throws.

Now you have this Right Field Ump causing a traffic jam on the biggest play of the game. You see the kid is running towards you. The dude didn’t even move!!!!!

These kids deserve better. They’ve sacrificed an entire summer of sitting inside playing Fortnite just to get to Williamsport and have their season ended by a jambroni Right Field Ump.

And the kid still almost threw the dude out at home.

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