Hi-Top Golf – Buy Stock in Viktor Hovland Now

If we could buy “futures” stocks on athletes (and with all this legalized gambling happening we ABSOLUTELY should be able to – hey MGM or Wynn or DraftKings somebody make this happen) the Lil’ Dogg would split his vast riches on two investments Zion Williamson and Viktor Hovland.

Viktor Hovland an Oklahoma State golfer (by way of Norway) took home the Havemeyer Trophy by winning the 2018 US Amateur Championship this past weekend.

Hovland was an absolute beast all weekend, taking down Golden Boy Cole Hammer in the semi-finals. This was the real final as Hammer and Hovland went shot for shot:

Hovland eventually went on a tear, birdieing six of seven holes to win out 3 and 2. Hammer put up a fight but Hovland was just too good.

The Finals pitted Hovland against UCLA’s Devon Bling, the feel good peoples choice who had unexpectedly clawed his way to the Championship match. But the Norwegian Cowboy (nickname trademarked by HTTA) was just too much for Bling’s Pings, dominating the morning 18 and setting himself up with an insurmountable lead.

Hovland is the complete modern day player with a monster swing and touch around the green.

For now Hovland is headed back to Oklahoma State but I can’t imagine he stays there beyond this year having already won a National Title with the Cowboys in addition to this latest monumental achievement of becoming the first Norwegian player to win the Amateur. For sure Hovland will be a force on the Tour whenever he does decide to go Pro.

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