Turn Back the Blog: Best of Hi-Top

We’ve been at this for the better part of a year now, and each month brings more and more eyeballs to our site…no surprise there, we’re kind of alright at this. 

But, new readers means people who may not have seen some of our greatest hits. We have so much goddamn content, it’s hard to go through the archives and pick out the best of the best. Well, I’m here for all the #regularguys and #regulargals out there, and thus, as CEO of this crazy Buccaneer Vessel, I’ve decided, leading up to our 1 year anniversary, we’ll start featuring some of our hits, in a series “Best of Hi-Top”

Best of


We’re going to kick this off with two absolute BEASTS. These two posts from Lil’ Dogg went a little viral there for a minute, and by far got the most clicks we’ve ever had. They were picked up on some weird subreddits and message boards (including one I think could be classified as the “darkweb”…but hey, all clicks are welcome here).  Across the US and Brazil, if you were on the internet in Feb and March and you DIDN’T see these, you’re doing it wrong.

These are two fine “Breakdowns” from the Lil’ Dogg, and can be enjoyed quickly and without any context. Give us 5 mins of your Friday, and you won’t be disappointed.


Morgan vs Grace – An in-depth recap of the world’s most thrilling game of Tic-Tac-Toe (seriously)


A Frame by Frame Analysis of the Greatest Buzzer Beater of All-Time

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