Hi-Top 100 – Ultimate 80s Movie Countdown Part 15 – #30-26

30. The Princess Bride

Is it inconceivable that The Princess Bride is landing at #30? Lots of hand wringing here but facts is facts and as great as this flick is with some many quotable moments it also drags a tad little bit and the whole Fred Savage conceit is really a waste of time. That being said:

29. Karate Kid

“Get him a body bag. Yeah!” The background ad libs from the random Cobra Kai dude might actually be the best part of this movie. Obviously the legacy of Karate Kid has out stripped the actual movie at this point but the movie itself is still pretty great. It’s pretty unflinching compared to the fluff being passed off as “real” these days. Johnny rolling joints in the bathroom during the Halloween dance. Daniel getting the literal shot kicked out of him. Of course there’s no way a wuss like Daniel would have actually beaten bad ass Johnny in real life tho.

28. Do the Right Thing

Those opening credits.

Tour de Force doesn’t really do this film justice. Pinnacle Spike Lee here. He’s been chasing this career high for the rest of his life. If this movie doesn’t move you and make you think then you have no heart or mind.

And of course -“1989. The number. Another summer.”:

27. Predator

Arnold blows up shit in the jungle.

26. Return of the Jedi

Is it possible Jedi is actually underrated? The whole opening bit is awesome. Classic lines. Great fights. I suppose the middle drags a bit and then there’s the whole Ewoks saga. And sure I guess destroying another Death Star is…well actually that seems to be the only thing that happens in Star Wars so can’t fault Jedi there. And then there’s the helmet reveal:

I really don’t know how you end the first Trilogy any better than what they did with Jedi.

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