Hi-Top Legend – Eddie Feigner – The King and his Court

The Hi-Topper Lost Legends Series highlights players who all had one thing in common – style by the mile. They may not have been the best but they sure looked good gettin’ it done.

Eddie Feigner – The King and his Court

With his crew cut and his barrel chest The King Eddie Feigner certainly did not look the part of Fast Pitch Softball maestro but when he took to the mound (or more likely stood behind Second Base) and fired off pitch after un-hittable pitch The King was unlike any other athletic display.

With His Court, The King barnstormed across America for over 50 years taking on any and all, playing 4 v 9 fast pitch softball.

Yes The King only need three fielders, and truth be told those fielders spent most of the game sitting down. The King rarely let a batter get a bat on the ball for a foul let alone give up any hits. Feigner played 10,000 games and claimed to have pitched 930 no-hitters and 238 perfect games. Anyone who saw the spectacle with their own eyes would never dare to question those stats.

Whether The King was pitching blindfolded or from Second Base or hell blindfolded from Second Base, he was as much showman as he was athletic marvel. The King could work the crowd and the opposing team all at the same time.

Sadly the show stopped for The King back in 2007 but for anybody who witnessed the glory of The King and His Court (the Lil’ Dogg hazily remembers being wowed as a kid watching a grizzled Senior Citizen King mow down futile batter after futile batter from Second Base on a hot summer’s night on the North Shore sometime back in the 1980s) the vision of a blindfolded King making batters look silly while having a grand ol’ time will never be forgotten.

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