Heidi Watney’s Brother with the early round Shot of the Tournament

The PGA Championship at Bellerive in St. Louis is off to a tight start with a crowded leader board led by Gary Woodland at -6 and Rickie Fowler at -5.

The Greens were slow and the scores fairly low as players adjusted to the course. Expect Day 2 scores to plummet as guys get familiar with the ins and outs of how Bellerive is playing.

One dude in particular who got an up close and personal lesson on the “ins and outs” was Heidi Watney’s brother. Check Watney’s brother’s tee shot at 13.


That’s going from in the cup on the fly to off the green completely. That shot was long by a centimeter at most.

If I’m Heidi Watney’s brother I just pack up the clubs right there. Sorry Bruh, just not your tournament. You catch a bad break like that and you just know you ain’t winning shit this weekend.

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