Hi-Top 100 Ultimate 80s Movie Countdown Part 14 – #35-31

35. Big

Tom Hanks Superstar. It all started with Big. There really is not another actor who could have pulled off the role of Josh even half as convincing as Hanks did. The piano scene is the iconic moment:

But really there’s a dozen equally or better moments, the Lovitz stuff being a personal fave:

But the racquetball fight is great too:

34. Back to School

Peak Rodney right here. Another Rodney movie may score higher (hint hint) but BTS is the full on Rodney Dangerfield show.

33. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Fast Times is remembered rightfully for being hilarious (also Phoebe Cates) but it also has a sneaky serious side underpinning the whole the flick. Fast Times may be over the top (Phoebe Cates) but it’s also damn realistic (Phoebe Cates) and treats the High Schoolers as real kids and not cliches. Well then there’s Spicoli:

And Phoebe Cates.

32. Bull Durham

Is Bull Durham the funniest baseball movie ever? Probably. Is it also the most “realistic” depiction of how the players actually act? Maybe, at least people claim it is. But is it the best Kevin Costner baseball movie? Spoiler alert – No. But it is pretty damn great in its own right.

31. Hoosiers

Is it possible the soundtrack is actually the best part of Hoosiers? No. But it’s damn close cuz the pumping score really does make the basketball scenes absolutely thrilling.

Yes Ollie is the secret hero of the team. Okay okay Jimmy Chitwood literally misses like 1 shot the entire movie:

And Dennis Hopper steals the show:

“Don’t get caught watching the paint dry.” Words to live by.

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