Sox Win (again), Cora gets (lamely) ejected so here’s Hi-Top Top 5 – Manager Ejections

Ho hum the Red Sox destroyed the Yankees again. Ricky P. was in the place to be and pitched a 1-hit gem. But that’s not really the story of the game.

The real story is that Boston Manager Alex Cora got ejected after 1 batter in the First Inning in what might possibly be the lamest ejection of all-time.

First off, how old is that Home Plate Ump cuz the dude looks like he’s a 15 year old umping the local Little League game of the week.

Getting tossed after 1 batter means only 1 thing – this was pre-planned. Cora wanted to get ejected. And the Ump knew it too. His “No get back, you’re out of here” was delivered about as well as Pauly Shore trying to win an Oscar. God bless his little heart but with that baby face nothing he could do was going to look half as impressive as he wanted it too. Cora played the part and shuffled around for a few moments but it was obvious to all everyone was just going through the motions.

So this got the Lil’ Dogg thinking and when that happens you know a Hi-Top Top 5 ain’t far behind so presenting the Hi-Top Top 5 Manager Ejections (Big Leagues only – those insane Minor League ejections are all marketing gimmicks ya know):

5. Billy Martin 1976 World Series

Who gets tossed in the bottom of the Ninth in a World Series game? Billy Martin that’s who. But the real winner here is those Pill Box Ump hats. Those things are beauties.

4. Earl Weaver (NSFW Language BTW – but that’s what makes this so great)

Being able to hear the actual argument is absolutely fascinating. And the Earl Weaver bon mots are priceless – “I’ll knock you right in your nose”. But it’s The Ump who steals the show by dropping a casual haymaker right in Earl’s face – “You’re gonna be in the Hall of Fame? For what, fu**ing up World Series?” Damn that’s one helluva line.

3. Lou Pinella

Pinella may just be the GOAT of ejections. This one here is classic Lou. Hat off before he even starts yelling. Bypasses the Ump who ejected him to confront another Ump then unleashed hell on the original Ump. Lou’s also the King Closer Talker too FYI.

2. Tommy Lasorda

Tommy gets the nod here for two reasons. First, arguing with a gigantic load of chew in his cheek. That’s an automatic classic right there. And second for pulling the old demonstration move. Show don’t tell – that’s what everyone says, right.

1. The Dirt Kick

The Dirt Kick is the quintessential getting tossed move. If you get thrown out of a baseball game and you don’t kick dirt at the Ump then you just wasted everyone’s time. The audience wants to see it. The Ump expects it. It’s both the go-to move and the must-have move. An ejection without a Dirt Kick is a massage without a…well it’s just not satisfying is what I’m saying. Got to have the Dirt Kick.

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