Time for a Splash in Pats’ Camp

Someone sent me a text late last night about the Patriots that got me thinking….

It’s time for the them to make a splash in training camp…and I don’t mean signing Eric Decker. That’d be more of a quiet kerplunk than a splash.

No, what I am talking about is making a move for a guy who can displace the abysmal Brian Hoyer on the depth chart, and with the right development, could be a successor to Tom Brady. I’m, of course, talking about Theodore Edward Bridgewater.


The Jets now have Sam Darnold in camp, and every seems to be pretty impressed with him already. Coach Todd Bowles has already indicated that the incumbent, Josh McCown, has the job now and it’s his to lose. It doesn’t seem like Bridgewater really has a path to any playing time. In fact, I’ve seen some rumblings that his contract is structured such that he could even be cut before the season.

The Patriots should move on this now. This is exactly the type of situation they would take advantage of.

I’ve always thought Bridgewater would be a very good NFL quarterback, and back in March I advocated for the Patriots’ signing him. He had a decent first two years overall, and flashed as a guy who can make plays and lead his team to wins. His skills (that I highlighted in March) seem to fit perfectly into the New England offense:

+Doesn’t lock on to one receiver, goes through the progressions.
+Favorite receiver is the open receiver, doesn’t seem to miss uncovered guys.
+Shown a lot of trust by coaches – play action on the 1-yard line for example.
+Makes the right mistakes, misses on the correct side of the receiver.
+Humble player, deflects praise onto teammates in the media.
+Embracing his role as a vocal leader in the locker room and on the field.
+Described as extremely coachable, with a fantastic work-ethic.

Terrific competitor. Extremely driven to succeed. Well-prepared and confident in his approach….Football is extremely important to him. Highly respected, unselfish team leader. Rises to the occasion on big stages…Consistently moves the chains and comes through in the clutch. Is given a lot of autonomy to make pre-snap reads and adjustments at the line of scrimmage and understands how to exploit defenses. Meticulous in his preparation. Identifies with the game and really works at his craft.

Basically, even if you don’t think he’s a long term answer, he’s clearly a better backup option than Hoyer, and he’s also got more upside. There is no reason to not do it.

I know a Jets- Patriots deal isn’t very likely, though, and this could be the biggest hurdle. But I’d give it a shot. Offer a late-round pick, and if the Jets are, in fact, thinking of cutting him, they’ll gladly take the pick…even from the Evil Empire 180 miles to the north.


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