Hi-Top Golf – Breaking down the new electric Phil Mickelson commercial

Lefty has taken a lot of heat for his long sleeve button down shirts on Tour this year but all of the critics can go kicks rocks now that the Official Mizzen & Main commercial has been released:


This is not a commercial. This is a piece of art.

So much goodness.

Would you like a casual hip thrust? Of course you would:

How about some golf karate? Cuz Lefty can do that too:

But the undisputed winner has to be the casual catch and toss. So cool:

This is how you go from “Why is Phil wearing a button down on the course?????” to “Hello Mizzen & Main, yes I will take two of everything”.

The Lil’ Dogg doesn’t want a Mizzen & Main for the next Hi-Top Classic. The Lil’ Dogg needs a Mizzen & Main.

Flop shots everywhere!!!!

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