The Problem with Baseball is…

Every summer like clockwork for the last oh 30 or 40 years you see the same story trotted out again and again – “The Problem with Baseball is…”

Usually the Hot Take revolves around the mythical “average age” of a Baseball fan being 75 years old or something. The “kids” just don’t have time for baseball ya see – they’re too busy posting on their FaceSpace accounts and playing those new fangled darn video games. Baseball is too slow. Too long. Not enough home runs. Too many home runs. It’s boooooring. Yada yada yada.

But this summer, the Lil’ Dogg is here to tell you Baseball really does have problem – too many teams STINK!!!!!

Last night the NY Mets lost to the Washington Nations 25-4. It was a historically bad loss:

But here’s the thing. The Mets aren’t even close to being the worst team in Baseball.

The Baltimore Orioles are 42 Games!!!! behind the Red Sox in the AL East.

The Kansas City Royals are 33-73.

Texas, Miami and San Diego all have MORE losses than the dreadful Mets.

That’s way too many terrible teams.

A league can have 2 or 3 teams tanking their way through a season but not 7 or 8. You just can’t have 25% of the teams in your league being completely uncompetitive.

This isn’t a Hot Take. This is basic level Sport 101. If you are going to have a Sport it needs to be competitive. There were 15 games last night and roughly half had a guaranteed outcome because of the futility of the teams involved. And what the hell is the point in tanking in Baseball anyways. The draft is 700 Rounds long and you don’t see any results for five years. The likelihood that the #1 pick will be any better than the #130 pick is roughly a roll of the dice.

So get your acts together MLB basement dwellers. Nobody wants 50 mph curveballs from shortstops:


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