Happy St. Jerry Day

Anyone who knows anything about the Lil’ Dogg knows that I’m a (tie) dyed in the wool Dead Head from waaaay back with access to a legendary Tape Collection of CAPITAL J Jamzzzz.

Today would have been St. Jerry Garcia’s 76th Birthday. So in honor of Hi-Top’s Patron Saint this pup presents to the Hi-Top Faithful my Top 5 Ultimate Jerry Jams:

5. 7/13/84

A lot of Heads dismiss the mid 80s Dead but this Jam from the Dead’s backyard of Berkeley is a real keeper. The transition from Scarlet to Touch is just sublime.

4. 12/31/79

This late 70s Franklin’s Tower really rips. Jerry’s lines coming straight from the guitar gods.

3. 7/19/89

Jerry looks like hell but plays like heaven. Is it possible the best Althea is from 1989? Yes. Yes I think it is.

2. 5/8/77

Barton Hall???? Yes. Barton Hall. Always Barton Hall.

1. 11/3/91

“I will get by. I will get by.”

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