Yankees Clinch Wild Card: Division Race ended with Judge Injury

Last night in Da Bronx, the Yankees AL East hopes were dealt a blow when their “young, up-and-coming” superstar (who by the way is older than Bryce Harper, and only 8 months younger than 2x MVP Mike Trout) Aaron Judge was hit by a pitch and broke his wrist.

My official prediction: Kiss the division good-bye, NYY, and get your pitching staff lined up for the Wild Card Game vs Seattle.

The real story, though, is the way the potential length of his absence is being reported.

First, the World Wide Leader:


3 WEEKS?! Allow me to inform you of something, sibling…1,000% of bone breaks get reported as 4-6 week injuries. There is no gray area. Are we supposed to believe that the laws of physics don’t apply in Aaron Judge’s kitchen? And that bone heals faster there, than anywhere else in the bone-healing world????


And then this is one I’ve seen a bunch of places:


The Yankees “approximate” a 3-week time period before Judge can “swing a bat” in a “game situation”. Holy shit! Can a simple tweet get any more complicated and vague. My guess is these two sentences resulted in roughly 72 billable hours to prominent PR Firms and Law Practices in Manhattan. Jesus.

What does this even mean? To someone reading it quickly- he’s out three weeks.

But we here at Hi-Top have been around the block. We know this means it’s at least 3 weeks until he can pick up a bat and swing at a real-ish pitch…with any minor discomfort, go ahead and push that out to 4+ weeks. Then, a rehab stint…and you’re looking at am almost certain 5 weeks.

Again…bone injuries are 4-6 weeks…there isn’t any fudging that. Unless he’s coming back before it’s healed…that’s the time frame.

Once he’s back…we’ll have to see. Wrists, as far as I’ve been able to uncover in my research, are essential to the process of swinging the bat.

Now look…the Yankees will be just fine. They’re in the playoffs, and one of the 3 best teams in the AL. But this, and the Fat Gary injury, mean they’re playing the one game wild card game. And with only one real pitcher on the staff, they’re going to have to throw him, and start their Divisional Series at a disadvantage.



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