Jimmer Mania is Back Baby!!!!! Also the NBA needs to adopt this Basketball Tournament rule ASAP!!!

Oh Jimmer my Jimmer, how we’ve missed you!!!!

Team Fredette has advanced to the final 8 in the Basketball Tournament.

The TBT by the way has evolved into something that’s pretty damn awesome in its own right and is also now offering up a cool $2 MILLION prize. Not too shabby indeed.

The majority of the teams competing in the TBT are comprised of former college teammates reuniting. Another shot at glory for some guys that didn’t quite make it in the pros or who are rolling away overseas.

Such is the case for Jimmer who has been torching the China League for the past few years after failing to hold on in the NBA (he never really got a shot with the right team IMLDEO – In My Lil Dogg Expert Opinion).

Another cool wrinkle to the TBT is that they’ve figured out away to eliminate the end of game free throw parade that is currently plaguing the NBA. The game ends when a team reaches a set point total that is determined with a few minutes left based on the amount of points separating the two teams. No more intentional fouls. You can’t extend the game by stopping the clock. Sure a free throw strategy could be used but when you are trying to get to a set point total every single basket is important. Solid defense is a better option than giving up a free point when the clock is not your enemy. This keeps the flow of the game in tact and also ramps up the intensity.

And as anyone that’s ever played pick up hoops knows, hitting the game ending walk off shot is cool as hell. Sure as shit beats the heck out of watching a guy dribble out the clock.

This is one rule the NBA needs to adopt ASAP.

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