Hypothetical Gang Fights with Kevin Durant

Portland Trail Blazers Guard CJ MCCullum and Twitter Burner Account Multi-User Kevin Durant engaged in a hypothetical gang fight last night much to the delight of NBA Social Media:

The whole thing started with MCCullum who had been interviewed on a faux edgy Big Corporate Podcast out of New York City, one of those First Take or Undisputed wannabe shows where two hosts engage in endless straw man scenarios.

MCCullum had responded to a Twitter post by one of the podcasts co-hosts, longtime media veteran Daniel Katz, who’s know as Big Cat – nice name buddy but everyone knows Doggs > Cats:

And of course Kevin Durant just happened to be checking random mentions of his name because what else does a superstar NBA multi-millionaire have to do on a Wednesday night and he just had to comment:

As for the hypothetical gang fight, personally the Lil’ Dogg would take anyone from the Hi-Top Crew over these two softees. In fact if you were in a dust up in the Greater Boston area between 1995-2005 there’s a fair chance you knuckled up against noted Medford Brawler Le Cap.

But I digress. Comparing changing teams in NBA Free Agency to gang fights is the height of comedy but let’s just entertain this scenario for a second. If OKC and Golden State were street gangs then Thunder would be too dis-organized to even show up for the right fight. They’d be busy arguing over who gets the bats and who gets the chains and switchblades. Meanwhile the Warriors would be constructing booby traps in the back alley and attacking like stealth ninjas. So yeah probably best to join that gang.

PS – Dear Kevin Durant,

You are now a two time NBA Champ as well as League MVP. You have hundreds of millions of dollars.


Take a cue from Jaylen Brown. Go enjoy yourself. Does this look like a guy who’s checking his twitter mentions:

Kevin, please, go see the world. Have some fun.


Your Friends at Hi-Top

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