Hi-Top Ultimate 80s Movie Countdown Part 13 – #40-36

40. Some Kind of Wonderful

John Hughes didn’t direct this one but his hands were all over it nonetheless.

Wrong side of the tracks ✔️

Unrequited love ✔️

Rich Kids v Poor Kids ✔️

Dramatic Party Scene ✔️

Some Kind of Wonderful checked all the boxes and for once the right two people ended up together:

39. All the Right Moves

Tom Cruise – Football Star??? Seems far fetched given his small stature and maybe he could never have pulled off a role as an NFL Star but as a Pennsylvania High Schooler just looking to get out of his go-nowhere steel mill town Cruise is pitch perfect. In fact All the Right Moves gets the Lil’ Dogg seal of approval as theBest High School Football Movie of All-Time. “On the 7th Day they all played football”:

38. The Outsiders

The question isn’t Who’s in The Outsiders, it’s Who isn’t in The Outsiders? The casting for this one was legendary and so is the flick. 80s superstars like Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez and Rob Lowe get relegated to blink and you miss them roles as a young C. Thomas Howell and Ralph Macchio shine as Johnny and Pony Boy. If you don’t shed a tear watching Johnny in the hospital then you have no heart:

37. Rain Man

Tom Cruise – Serious Actor. Rain Man was Cruise’s first real “I want an Oscar” bid. Too bad Dustin Hoffman stole all the thunder. Still this was another notch in Cruise’s belt as he moved a few more rungs up the Hollywood ladder in the late 80s.

36. Top Gun

We’re on a full on Tom Cruise run here folks. Top Gun may be Cruise’s most famous movie but truth be told the movie is almost undone by the “love story”. Axe that bit and it’s Top 10 material but the romantic bits are just so over the top – honestly who shows up at a girls house and immediately requests access to their shower? Besides everyone knows the real romance is between Maverick and Goose (or should that be Iceman?).

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