Just Stop It. You aren’t Owed Answers

It’s training camp time!!! That means we get to hear and read all about position battles. Who is “on the bubble”. An undersized (usually white) wide receiver who might be the next _(last undersized receiver)_ . There are endless possibilities for the reporters to feed the content-starved masses of New England.

But my absolute favorite (read: not favorite) thing, is the all too common first day of camp story about how “the fans deserve answers from Bill Belichick”.

Ahhh…I bask in all the fake outrage…I LIVE for it.


Look at these jabronis…chumming the water for clicks. FYI- FOUR VIEWS? Felger, I don’t get out of bed for 4 views. Come join HTTA, get some real exposure. WTF is Fancred anyway?


Simply stated…NO. Fans aren’t owed explanations for anything. Ever.


No answers on Brady or Gronk or Malcolm Butler…as much as you want them, you aren’t entitled to anything.

You (I’m referring to those fans who do think they are owed something) are fans of a team. You are paying customers…sure. You buy t-shirts, and jerseys, and onesies, and flags…shit, you might even pony up for a game now and then. Good for you. If you saved any of your ticket stubs, you want to just point to the part that says the purchase of the ticket entitles you to anything, other than the team actually playing the game?

It isn’t there.

Because you aren’t owed shit. You don’t like the way the team is run? Don’t go. You don’t like coach? Nobody said you have to be a fan. Hate the way they’re playing? Start a blog and rip them. Those are your rights. But you have no right to any “answers”…sorry, you just don’t matter.

Now, do I think the large majority of fans actually feel this way, that they have a right to answers? Probably not. I think it’s more of a refrain for the self aggrandizing media, desperately trying to get the public on their side. Let’s face it. It hasn’t been a great time for these ink jockeys. Not only is the state of the newspaper business such that their expense accounts may be in danger- and they’ll have to pay for their own Subway lunches- they also have to deal with johnny come lately bloggers ripping the hell out of them. Now they have to be snarled and snorted at by Big Ole Bad Bill (GASP). Poor babies.


This isn’t an “In Bill We Trust” rant, either. This is an anti-sports media and anti-yahoo rant here.


Does Bill deserve heat for being a dick to people just trying to ask him questions? Sure. I do find it comical sometimes, but sure, he deserves heat. He acts like a pompous ass, and he often seems to make it more difficult on himself.

Does a guy like Alex Cora- who is very open, friendly and forthcoming with what he’s thinking- deserve credit? Absolutely. It’s a check mark in the plus column for AC.

But when people start to think they matter, and that any owner/ coach/ player/ waterboy owes anyone an explanation about anything…that’s where they have officially gone off to the land of absurdity.

All that coaches and teams owe us (fans) is wins. Just WINS. That’s it. Not a style of play. Not the methods by which they win. JUST. WINS. That’s the unwritten contract. They win. We cheer. DONE and DONE.

Our side of the deal is, while they are winning, we can act like we did something. Some people even say “WE” when referring to the team- I see you, Liberti- and as much as I hate it…it’s all good. When it goes bad…we get to rant and rave like lunatics…and let the Sunday ruin our Monday. We can call radio shows, and tell everyone what we would do different, with some level of expectation that we are at least humored, if not taken seriously.

But, answers? No, I’m sorry. We aren’t entitled to those.

It’s been 19 god damn seasons with this guy…we all KNOW how it works. And apart from the rogue misguided “hot take artists” out there, nobody would change a thing. So let’s stop it with the fake outrage everytime old Hoody doesn’t answer a question…just get over it, and be patient until WE WIN.






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