Hi-Top Ultimate 80s Movie Countdown Part 12 – #45-41

45. 48 Hours

Here’s a breakdown of the 80s greatest comedian’s first four movie roles – ex-convict, homeless man, cop, cop. Not sure if that proves the utter lack of imagination of Hollywood or the fact that Eddie Murphy could turn any pile of shit into gold in the 80s. Viewed now 48 Hrs is…let’s say a bit problematic so how about we choose to ignore the casual racism and sexism (and pretend that it was “okay in the 80s”) and just focus on the dynamite chemistry between the two leads.

44. Stand By Me

Controversial opinion alert – Stand By Me is the BEST Stephen King movie adaption. The four leads are perfectly cast. River Phoenix is riveting, hell even Corey Feldman acts his ass off. The story of best buds growing up and growing apart is universal and timeless. The train scene still makes me nervous:

Basically this movie gets everything right.

43. Vacation

Chevy Chase was unstoppable in 1983.

42. Gremlins

The best Christmas movie of all-time? Okay maybe not but certainly the most original. Who didn’t want a Mogwai to be real? Just don’t feed them after midnight. Or get them wet. And no sunlight. Alright so maybe they didn’t make the best pets – too many rules.

41. Risky Business

The underwear dance may get all the play but damn this was actually a pretty dark movie. Hookers and pimps – Hey Joey Pants!!!!!! Erotic train sex. Teenagers running a brothel. And one of the greatest lines ever written: “Sometimes you gotta say what the…”

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