Happy 35th Anniversary to the Pine Tar Incident

On this day in 1983, George Brett made Baseball history by going absolutely mental on Home Plate Umpire Tim McClelland after being called out for having too much pine tar on his bat.

Brett had just hit a 2-out 2 Run Home Run to take a 5-4 lead over the NY Yankees in the Top of the Ninth Inning.

Hi-Top Top 3 Pine Tar Incident Factoids

3. The Umps decision actually ended the game.

The reversal of the homer to an out on Brett was the third out in the Top of the 9th with the Yanks winning 3-4 (prior to Brett’s HR).

2. The Royals tried to hide the bat

This tactic may have actually worked since…

1. The Royals appealed the Ump’s decision and Won

Kansas City protested the game and the AL President Lee McPhail ordered the game be restarted from the Top of the Ninth immediately AFTER Brett’s ding dong. The Royals held on to win the game 5-4 with Brett’s roundtriper standing as the game winner.

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