Caddy Wins The Open, Tiger Steals the Show

Journeyman Italian Caddy Francesco Molinari shocked the world on Sunday by going toe to toe with Tiger Woods and coming out on top.

Here’s Molinari back at the 2006 Masters working the bag in the same group as his Sunday rival:

The real story, of course, was the epic return of fist pumping, shot making Tiger Woods and the red shirt competing for a title on Sunday of a Major:

Tiger had the Sport World enthralled as he climbed up the leader board all the way to first place, recapturing the old magic with a glorious bunker shot:

And drilling long putts:

And spraying stingers:

But in the end Woods lost to an Italian duffer with only one other PGA tour victory in his career.

A lot has been said about Tiger Woods, maybe too much, but he is a rebel golfer. His career is unrivaled and the fascination with his rise and fall will never cease. And despite everything there we were rooting for Tiger to win.


Has Tiger changed his stripes?

By all accounts Young Tiger was the most selfish, self-obsessed of all self absorbed stars. A miser of epic proportions who never left a tip, never said Thank You, who famously couldn’t be bothered to attend events for even his closest “friends”.

Who is Tiger now?

At 42 with his gray speckled receding hair and his taped up body he certainly looks the part of a man broken down by the sands of time. He speaks of playing well enough to show his children how great their father used to be. And maybe that’s just the type of self motivation Tiger needs to recapture some of his glory years. At the height of Tiger Mania, he played and excelled under the weight of crushing expectations set by his father. And even with (perhaps because of) that pressure he succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations. Perhaps another weight, the weight of a father trying desperately to impress his children can be a fresh burden to carry, that self motivation that Tiger seems to need to fuel his best performances.

If Sunday proves anything it’s that even with everything Tiger has done and been through, the people still want to see that confident strut up to the green after an inconceivable shot, the iconic red shirt chasing glory. Tiger’s mere presence on the Leaderboard adds an unrivaled level of excitement to a Tournament. Golf needs Tiger. And the people need Tiger too.

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