Attention Seeker Cohen Naulty pretends he was “Shamed”: He wasn’t but should have been

I think we’ve gone a little too far with this “____-shaming” trend, and making people out to be victims.

In the latest installment, some kid pays for a meal in mostly change, the restaurant makes fun of it, and all of a sudden they’re “shaming” him and the owner is getting threats??? WTF?

Pay in change


Let me say, right off the bat, I am 1,000,000% on the side of the restaurant here.

Firstly, they weren’t shaming him at all- they actually just tweeted the photo and said “How not to pay your bill”. Innocent fun, nothing linking this to the kid.

How did people find out it was him? I’d bet every last roll of nickels I have that this kid brought it to people’s attention himself.

His name is Cohen Naulty- because, of course it would be- and he seems awful proud of himself. I mean, just look at his quote…he thinks pretty highly of what he did…which really amounts to next to nothing.

“I like to buy meals for people even if I have to scrape together my last quarters to do so”

Like he’s some freakin’ philanthropist. YOU BOUGHT YOUR FRIEND A GOD DAMN CHEESEBURGER. GET OVER YOURSELF. It’s not like you brought a homeless veteran in, and bought him a soup.

If buying shit for your buddies with money you should probably be saving makes you a saint….then I’ve got several tabs at the Dubliner and cleaned out shot girl trays between 2001-2005 that must make me Mother Teresa. I mean, I could have rented out the entire Green Harbor resort if I just had the money I’ve spent on bennygloves’ drinks.

And this isn’t even to mention his method of payment. Trying too hard, much, bro?

Cohen was clearly trying to make a spectacle of himself…was daring an establishment to say something to him, so he could make himself the latest cause celebre. And there are those morons at Yahoo! playing right into it.

Apparently he had change because he used his “tips he earned as a server at the Country Kitchen”….well, I’ve never had to wait tables (I’ve always been doin’ alright), but correct me if I’m wrong…don’t you just cash it out at the end of the shift, and get mostly bills?

Also, Cohen should’ve probably saved a couple of pennies for a data plan, because a quick google search reveals no fewer than FIVE banks in Lynchburg.

banks in lynchburg


Bring change in….walk out with cash. Or what about Coinstar? I know they get like 7.5 cents on the dollar, but it’s definitely worth the cost so you don’t have to lug around change…or pay with it. Unless…oh that’s right, you WANTED the attention…didn’t you Cohen?

My final analysis on this one is, the restaurant didn’t shame Cohen…but they should have. If my man Kramer got shamed for paying with change….you should have too.


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