Welcome to the future – Jetpacks have arrived

So a rich dude in London thinks he’s Tony Stark:

And it will only cost you about a half a million to look like a nutjob.

Yes the idea of a jet pack is super cool but in reality what the hell are you going to do with this thing, commute to work????

If you happen to have a spare $500K lying around (plus jet fuel money which I’m assuming is a pain in the ass to procure cuz news flash you ain’t filing this thing up at the local Circle K) then you must be living a pretty nice life as it is. Do you really want to risk that comfy existence for an awkward little stroll through the sky that maybe probably definitely will end with you either slamming into a wall at 50mph or inadvertently dropping out of the sky to your hilarious death?

That’s a hard pass from the Lil’ Dogg. This pup will stick with these Jetpacks:

FYI this album kicks major ass.

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