Hi-Top 100 Ultimate 80s Movie Countdown Part 11 – #50-46

We’ve entered the Top 50 and things are about to get serious. That means we are kicking things up a notch and getting down to the really good stuff.

50. Lucas

Lucas is memorable for several reasons – Corey Haim showing he could act his ass off once upon a time, introducing the world to Jeremy Piven and Winona Ryder, Kerri Green Kerri Green and Kerri Green – but for Hi-Top it’s two grand distinctions that catapult Lucas into the upper echelons of 80s flicks. First, Lucas contains the absolute worst sports scene of all-time when Lucas wearing #72 commits a half a dozen penalties before the ball is snapped and then takes off his helmet while trying to catch a pass, still wearing #72! And there is the Slow Clap. I do believe that Lucas invented the Slow Clap:

And if that doesn’t earn you a place in the annals of Hi-Top glory than frankly nothing does.

49. Beetlejuice

Speaking of Winona Ryder, what a decade she had. The thinking teen’s hottie, Ryder existed outside and above the typical 80s fare and nothing exemplified that more than Beetlejuice. Sure Michael Keaton steals the movie but it’s Ryder’s performance as the audience surrogate, guiding us on this ride that makes the movie work.

48. Heathers

What the hell let’s just keep this Winona lovefest going. Heathers is a wild movie that is definitely of its time. Not sure this one could get made these days but I’m sure glad it did cuz it’s chock full of classic lines:

“Lick it up baby! Lick. It. Up.”

47. Beverly Hills Cop

Is it possible that this is the inaugural appearance of Eddie Murphy on our list? Someone check the records on that ASAP. If it is well what an entrance cuz BHC is Eddie Murphy ON his game.

46. Road House

Only in the 80s could you get an action movie about the coolest bar bouncer around. And of course it had to be Swayze. There’s literally no other actor who could make this premise work. And work it does with kick ass fights:

And don’t sleep on Sam Elliot:

Patrick Swayze R.I.P. Damn he was one of a kind.

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