While You Were Sleeping the World of Sport Went NUTS

If you’re a normal human who went to bed at normal human hours (on the East Coast of America cuz let’s face facts that’s really the only place that matters) then you happened to miss out on some truly craaaaaazy happenings in Sport.

First Major League Baseball decided to extend their Home Run Derby for another day:

The AL ended up winning 8-6 in 10 innings and maybe this matters? Honestly not sure if this thing still decides Home Field Advantage in the World Series or not and can’t be bothered to find out cuz the Red Sox would win the thing on Jupiter if they had too. The BoSox are a goddamn wagon this year if you haven’t been paying attention.

And then because the NBA is the NBA, the biggest trade of the offseason took place at 3 AM:

There’s so many moving parts to this one that the Lil’ Dogg is going to refrain from any Instant Hot Takes and “circle back” with some more in depth analysis as more details emerge like whether or not Kawhi has any plans to actually cross the border into Canada at any point.

And in truly astonishing news the Tour de France has been cancelled after this dude JUMPED THE BIKERS MID-RACE!!!!

Just end the whole thing and give this guy the Yellow Jacket. You win dude. You win.

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