Hi-Top Golf British Open Preview – Welcome to Carnoustie

Hello Hi-Top Duffers!

It’s Open week – Tea & Crumpets style…actually make that Scotch & Haggis because Golf has returned to its birth place – Scotland.

This year the 147th The Open Tournament will take place at The Championship Course at Carnoustie Golf Links:

Ahhhh Links Golf, where grown men weep like newborn babes in their mother’s arms as 75 kilometer per hour winds whip freezing raining in their faces as they attempt to hit their sixth shot on a Par 4 out of an ancient sand dune.

But there’s a twist – the United Kingdom has experienced an unusually dry and hot summer this year so the courses in Scotland are playing extremely fast and firm.

At the warmup Scottish Open, even Nancy Boy Rickie Fowler got into the act, launching a 458 yard drive:

The practice round photos leaking out make it look like the Tournament is taking place in the middle of the Arabian Desert:

Balls are rolling for miles so those Big Berthas will probably spend the weekend gathering cobwebs in players bags as the true test of skill will be who can control their Irons.

Tommy Fleetwood (Lil’ Dogg’s Best Bet Pick of the Week) holds the Championship Course record with a 63 but under very different conditions.

Players seem to be agreeing that distance will be irrelevant and it will be all about control and angle.

Which way will the wind blow?

A cliche most days but at Carnoustie it’s the only thing on players minds. And the fun part is nobody knows until Thursday rolls around and play begins.

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