Oyster Plates and Private Beaches (Yeah We’re Doing Alright) – A Run Down of the Hi-Top Corporate Retreat

Well folks, as Le Cap told you, #VACASZN is here and while the Hi-Top Brain Trust have certainly earned a well deserved break, pleasure and business always go hand in hand. One may even say pleasure IS our business.

So when we heard there were real deal creative types looking to hop on the Hi-Top Train, you know we had to check them out.

Saturday night grilling by our Private Beach quickly turned into a “networking sess” when a prominent local video/editing whiz kid expressed his desire to join the Hi-Top Team.

Loyal Hi-Toppers know we only take on the best and brightest so when the Lil’ Dogg tells you this guy is legit, you best believe it.

Long story short, lots of ideas are in the works and an expanded video production wing of the Hi-Top Empire is well on its way to delivering Hi-Top Nation the CONTENT you crave.

Sure we lounged on our Private Beach where we had our own personal umbrellas delivered on command but make no mistake, in between the sun and the suds, the steaks and the Titos, improving Hi-Top was never far from our minds.

We may be just a bunch of #RegularGuys building this buccaneer vessel #shinglebyshingle but while other sites are losing followers by thousands during the Twitter Bot Purge of 2018, HTTA was busy adding loyal Hi-Toppers and expanding our team.

Like I said – We’re doing alright.

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