IT signs with Denver Nuggets

Former Celtic 4th Quarter Hero Isaiah Thomas has finally signed a deal and the terms are down right shocking:

That’s the Veteran’s Minimum folks.

What a sad state of affairs for IT, you honestly have to feel for the guy. Sure he’s said some things he shouldn’t have and honestly that $20 million a year pay day he thought he was getting was probably never happening but pre-injury he was at least on track for a $10-15 mill multi year deal. Now he’s got literally one year to save his career. If he’s out for extended time or doesn’t perform in Denver then that’s it. It’s a wrap on his NBA career.

Tough pill to swallow for a dude that thinks he’s an MVP level talent (breaking news – he ain’t).

Quick Diversion on IT and Defense

IT can fill up the bucket fast and can be a transcendent offensive weapon but he will never be anything less than a complete defensive liability. An honestly that’s only like 50% cuz of his height.

Muggsy Bogues was a PEST on D. He was active and up in guys shorts all game long. Opposing Point Guards hated playing against Muggsy because they knew they wouldn’t have a moments rest all game. He was going to bug them the entire length of the court on every possession. Bogues left Wake Forest as the ACC career leader in steals. He played D. And he was five inches SHORTER than IT.

Okay back to Thomas. Hopefully Denver is the right place for him. He’s reuniting with a coach who knows him in Mike Malone. I don’t think anyone wishes the dude ill will especially here in Boston. Nothing but fond memories of his time here. He was a victim of a tough injury and bad timing. There was NO way Boston was passing up getting Kyrie. Now he did himself no favors last season in Cleveland or LA but now it’s on him 100% and something tells me that’s just the way IT wants it.

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