Hi-Topper Guide to #VACASZN

It’s #VACASZN here at Hi-Top, and a few of the brain trust are heading down for a long weekend on the beautiful beaches of the Green Harbor Resort…no big deal.

This is a family friendly getaway, for sure, but don’t be fooled…the BOYS of HTTA will be getting after it, Vacation Bro style. And in true Hi-Topper style, and on behalf of The Dogg, Benny and The Sleepy One (‘memba him?), here is your true

Hi-Topper Vacation #SZN Guide for Vacationing like real Hi-Top Vacation Bros


How should you dress?


The Very first thing you’re going to need is some Vacation Attire. There are some bros out there (spiritsguy) who may favor the Men’s Romper….we ain’t down with that. We like the Summer Classics.

First you need some Classic Vacation Shorts. Nantucket Reds are always a solid choice…but really, anything in that family will do.  *Bonus points if they have nautical shit printed on them.



You’re also going to want to have some Real Deal Great T-shirts (TM). Whether you go with one of ours, or if you’ve hunted down another…a head-turner of a t-shirt is a must in daytime beachside attire:



For footwear ON the beach,  go with whatever you’d like, but once you come off the beach you absolutely NEED to slide on some Sperry Topsiders.  I tend to favor the classics, benny and the Dogg will mix up their footwear styles, but that’s the beauty of it. There is a Sperry for you.






For a real deal beach week, you got to have the right accessories. Follow our lead, and you’re good to go.

First and foremost, you NEED your YETI GEAR. Rambler is a must…and if you roll onto the beach with one of the coolers, you’re the envy of every wanna-bro out there



Next thing you’re going to need is a MINI-FOOTBALL. Take a look at this bad boy here. It’s got the logo and markings of a real ball, so when you drop one in over the shoulder from 45 yards, the guys and gals down the beach will be impressed as shit at your D1 arm. All of a sudden, your boring stories of the Glory Days have some street cred.


Every group has the guy who makes the playlists. For us, it’s the Lil’ Dogg. He knows music, and he knows what we like (not usually what he likes), and makes lists to suit the group. The man nails a playlist for every occasion. And when your down the beach during #VACASZN, you need the GRONK FOOTBALL SPEAKER to blast those tunes.

Gronk speaker

I know what you’re thinking…the Gronk brand is more “Frat bro” than “Vaca Bro”. But trust us on this one. It’s a good quality speaker, you literally CAN NOT break the thing, and the Irony of it really lands. Plus it lights up in all different color schemes…it’s a real conversation piece.


Food & Drink


Let’s be honest…the Vacation is made by the choice of Beverages.

When we roll out the condo, and walk 20 yards to our PRIVATE beach- yeah you read that right…NO BIG DEAL- we’ll be sporting Yeti’s filled to the brim with V+L’s, that’s Vodka Lemonades if you don’t know, mixed by one of the great summer time drink mixologists on the planet…The Sleepy One. He’s a half and half man…half mixer, Half Tito’s.  We’re going to need about 4 of these bad boys. *Pro Tip: Buy them on the mainland. 



Once the afternoon sets in, and you’ve had a couple of Tito’s, you’re going to want to switch to beer. And allow me to inform you of something, sibling, you ain’t doing #VACASZN right, unless you have some Snobby-ass Expensive Hard to find New England IPA. Give in to the force…and become the guy you’ve always ripped. Do it.




As Evening approaches, you’re going to want to switch to something a little more sophisticated. It needs to be Whiskey, and for the most part, it’s dealer’s choice. Bourbon is at the top of the food chain- just make sure it’s not High West – but a Cutty S(h)ark and Soda or a Jameson and Ginger have been known to pass as well.

A shoutout to Le Cap’s new fave (also JP Cunnion III approved) @Stroudwater_d .




Food is secondary to the drinks, but you’re going to need a good base. We recommend a BIG OLD PILE OF MEAT FOR GRILLING. Grilling and Chilling are #VACASZN staples, so head to the local shop and buy 4 of everything.

assorted grilled meats2685415670366705947..jpg



Now, that’s it. That’s your guide to #VACASZN and doing it up like a true Hi-Topper.

If you think you need to bring anything else, and you wanna run it by us, hit us up anywhere @HiTopAthletics . We’ll take a panel vote, and get right back to you with our verdict.

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