Hi-Top 100 Ultimate 80s Movie Countdown Part 10 #55-51

After a short break we return to continue the countdown as we reach the half century mark. The flicks just get better and better.

55. The Wizard

Were there two bigger things in 1989 than Nintendo and Fred Savage? If there were I sure as hell didn’t know about them cuz Savage plus Nintendo was a match made in 10 year old heaven. Throw in the mind blowing debut of the Power Glove:

and well this perpetual 10 year old is still wondering if the Video Armageddon tournament was a real thing.

54. Weird Science

John Hughes could do no wrong in 1985 and nothing proves that more than a movie about two loser nerds who literally create their perfect woman from a Barbie Doll and a computer. Weird Science is chalk full of classic lines but the Lil’ Dogg’s personal fave will always be “chips, dips, chains, whips”:

53. Rad

Conservative estimates put the number of Saturday afternoon airings of Rad on TBS in the late 80s at about roughly 500 and the Lil’ Dogg must have watched 499 of them. I’d give my left pinky to recreate the newspaper delivery scene and the Hell Track, oh how we desperately tried to create our own Hell Track to no avail. Goddamnit this movie is awesome. Too bad it’s unavailable on any format and will probably never get released anywhere other than grainy YouTube clips that get pulled down every month.

52. License to Drive

Okay so maybe looking back now The Coreys aren’t actually the two coolest humans of all-time but in 1988 they sure as hell were. “No thanks I already have a a Mercedes.”

51. Color of Money

There’s about to be a whole lot of Tom Cruise in the top half of our countdown but Color of Money might be the least respected but must rewatchable of all the 80s Cruise flicks. The pool scenes are mesmerizing due to the fact that insane Cruise insisted on learning and doing all his own shots which in turn let director Martin Scorsese shot the hell out of the scenes. The soundtrack kicks as of course because again Scorsese but the secret weapon to the whole thing is Paul Newman showing the Kid just what a real movie star looks like:

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