Here’s everything that’s wrong with America summed up in one convenient package

Here at Hi-Top we try to stay above the fray when it comes to meaningless celebrity gossip but sometimes you come across something that is so jarring, so knock your socks off stupid that it’s actually dangerous.

If you want to know why America in 2018 is a hot pile of garbage then take a gander at this bullshit right here:

The levels of horseshit and hypocrisy on display are so deep you’d need a goddamn backhoe to dig your way out.

First of all let’s take a look at the name of the “writer” of this “article” – Moira Forbes. Gee that sounds familiar. It must be a total coincidence that “Moira Forbes” is writing for “Forbes Magazine”.

Oh wait –

“Business is Family” 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

So we have a Forbes writing for Forbes about “Self Made Women”. A woman that was born into the most powerful publishing family in America is writing about “Self Made Women”.

Let that sink in for a second.

And who is this “Self Made Woman” that the world so desperately needs to know about?

Kylie Jenner!!!!!!!!!!!

You have to be shitting me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A “woman” who is actually a 20 year old pampered baby who was born into the most famous family in America, who has been on TV since she was 10, is managed by her millionaire mother and sisters with four other millionaires is “Self Made”???????????

And here’s the kicker. The majority of Americans who give a rats ass about people like the Kardashians actually honest-to-God buy into this bullshit. They think if only they can get a few more Instagram likes they too can be “Self Made” like little Kylie.

The Myth of the America Dream is actually ruining America.

Wake up people!!!!! The game is rigged. There are no bootstraps.

150 years ago it was Horatio Alger working as a pawn for Robber Barons to work people to death so they could build mansions in Newport.

Today “Ragged Dick” has been replaced by Social Media. Instagram and Snapchat are the opiates for the masses. And the Kardashian-Jenner’s of the world are the pied pipers leading all the rats to the river while they head straight to the bank.

This is not Republican vs Democrat or Liberal vs Conservative (which if Americans would get their heads out of their asses for half a second they’d realize this us vs them game is all just a distraction for the literal theft of the country that’s happening in plain sight).

No this is the 0.001% pulling the wool over the eyes of the 99.999% doing all the real work in the world.

Wake up America. It’s 1789 and there is no cake.

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