Crime Caught on Video by Losers and Cowards

There has been a story circulating about some poor 59 year old guy getting bashed in the head with a metal pipe on a Manhattan subway, late Saturday night.

More details have emerged, and it seems as though the suspect, 35 year old shitbag Geovannie Nieves, had asked the victim for some money- presumably so he could afford to buy sleeves. When the victim, Michael Vansluytman, told him he didn’t have any, Nieves got in his face…and matters escalated quickly to him beating Vansluytman with a pipe.

Nieves, was identified and captured based on an anonymous tip, accounts of onlookers, and apparently photos and video taken by fellow passengers.


Allow me to inform you of something, sibling…the people who took video of this, are only about one notch below Nieves on the shitbag-o-meter.

When something goes down, and it’s potentially endangering someone, your reaction is to take video? So you’re aware. And you’re not afraid to butt your stupid nose into the situation. But too much of a coward to do anything meaningful, and, ya know, STOP THE GUY FROM GETTING BEATEN WITH A PIPE?!!? I’d have far more respect for someone who ignored the situation completely out of self-preservation.

Or, maybe it isn’t cowardice. Maybe it’s the phenomenon of internet celebrity to fill the void of emptiness and despair in your life? “I’ll get so many youtube hits” and “CNN will show my video and interview me”….I bet that’s what it is. The truth is, though, after about 48 hours, you’ll be the same loser you always were, no friends, no plans, nowhere worthwhile to go…11:15 on a Saturday night, riding that subway car to oblivion and your eventual lonely demise.

I know the defense will be “but they caught the guy because of the pics and vids”…my simple retort is…there would be no crime if you got off your ass and did something.

This is not a new take for me…as a matter of fact this just happen to pop up today on the old timeline:


These people who think they are god damn heroes. They think the world needs them to save the day. Like they are the only ones capable.

Like the woman a few years ago, who saw a guy walking around the Burlington Mall on a rainy day with a “rifle”…and immediately called it in to police. Spoiler alert…it was a GOLF UMBRELLA…and on some level this moron probably feels vindicated because she foiled a potential terrorist threat. All she really did is shut down the mall, cost the owner of Hot Topic a day’s pay, and caused Sarku Japan to have to throw out a significant amount of free samples. All because she wanted to butt her face in where it wasn’t needed.

The lesson here is, if you see someone fall off the platform in front of a subway car, or see someone’s purse get stolen, or god forbid, some no-good loser teeing up to hit an aging man with a pipe…put the goddamn phone down and formulate a plan to help. There had to be 50 people on that train…they EASILY could have stopped that skinny-armed piece of trash from beating the guy half to death.

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