Travis Pastrana – You Sir are NO Evel Knievel

Modern Day motorcycle dude Travis Pastrana landed ripped off 3 of Evel Knievel’s jumps:

First of all, hello ESPN c’mon- it’s “Evel” not “Evil”

*****Editor’s Note – Looks like ESPN corrected their mistake. Good job I guess but still get demerits from the Lil’ Dogg. No mercy!!

Secondly Evel did his jumps on goddamn Triumphs and Harleys:

Now I’m now motorcycle guy but I’m pretty sure those bikes weigh about a 1000 times more than the suped up dirt bike Pastrana is jumping with.

Just look at this badass:

Pastrana has done some crazy stuff and it feels like he’s been around jumping shit since he was 10 years old or something but this effort gets a major 👎 from the Lil’ Dogg.

You don’t mess with Evel dude.

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