Tiger v Phil for a cool $10 mill

A story making the rounds today has Tiger and Phil hashing our details for a made for TV $10 million match play showdown.

People may forget that Tiger used to do these onf a year back in the late 90s and early 2000s as a special TV Event called Monday Night Golf. Of course famously Phil Mickelson was never invited to participate in Monday Night Golf.

*A quick aside – the Lil’ Dogg has been reading the new Tiger Woods biography and boy is it a doozy.

Hi-Top Top 5 Factoids from “Tiger Woods”

5. Tiger’s Grandfather was born in 1874!!!

101 years separates 2 generations in the Woods lineage. That fascinates me.

4. Tiger is a cheap SOB

Dude never tipped anybody. That is when he actually paid for something himself which was rare cuz he basically made Mark O’Meara pay for everything despite making about 100x more money.

3. His Mom was just as nuts as Earl

Tiger’s dad gets most of the slack for his crazy upbringing but it turns out Mom was even more ruthless when it came to crushing opponents on the course.

2. The cheating was exhausting

I’m tired just reading about how many women Tiger was juggling behind his wife’s back. Doesn’t even sound fun. Like who wants to maintain half a dozen text chains at all times? No thanks.

1. Tiger truly was the best ever (for 10 years)

It’s been a while now so reading back about tournament after tournament where Tiger won abs the stretches of victories in a row and top 5 finishes, his dominance really was remarkable. Especially when you know what was actually going on off the course and with his body wrecked by injuries. Amazing.

Okay back to this story. Basically this challenge is about 15 years to late and would have been truly Must See back in 2003 but it’ll still be fun and maybe even more entertaining now that these two seem to at least be friendly if not friends.

Anyway count Hi-Top as interested to see if this actually happens.

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