Pure Greatness

Bill Russell. Tom Brady. Yogi Berra. These guys are all-time great winners. They stand out among all others in their sport as guys who delivered when it mattered most, on the biggest stage. And they have 11, 5, and 10 Rings, respectively, for their championship efforts.

Well, yesterday in Coney Island, NY, another man put forth his claim to be included in the Mt Rushmore of winners.


A champion like Chestnut deserves an overblown into, with a comically fast scroll of his WR’s.

(S/O to George Shea on the intro…truly the Greatest Showman.)


Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, blew away the competition- and more importantly avoided blowing chunks- in the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, setting a world record of 74 HDB (that’s short hand for Hot Dogs and Buns, for you uninitiated rubes).

Since he defeated Kobyashi in 2007, Chestnut has won 11 TITLES, in 12 tries. It took Russell 13 years to lock down his 11 rings- FYI. And Joey doesn’t have a Sam Jones.

In winning his 11th Nathan’s title, Chestnut beat his next closest competitor by 19 HDB. Watching the competition live, however, it seemed a little closer:



Call me skeptical, but this screams of MLE interference…like the ’02 Lakers- Kings series. Viewers want to tune in to see at least the threat of an upset. But, the fact remains, they missed an entire plate of dogs, and this guy still killed everyone else.

It’s no wonder why he is as great as he is…just check out his form:


In the world of competitive eating, that’s like staring at Ken Griffey Jr’s swing, right there. Pure beauty.


Brass tacks here, folks…this man cannot be stopped. In addition to his Hot Dog World Record (he holds the top 7 HDB marks, actually), he holds several other World Records…you could see them scrolling in his intro. Some personal faves:

Deep Fried Asparagus: 12.8 lbs in 10 mins

Steak: 4.5 lbs plus sides, in 8 mins 52 sec

Mutton Sandwiches (seriously?): 81 4 oz sandwiches in 10 minutes.



People, we are witnessing one of the great competitors across all of sport, in his prime, and I would be failing at my job here if I didn’t properly acknowledge him. After all, it stands to reason he won’t be around forever with stats like this:



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