Hi-Top 100 – Ultimate 80s Movie Countdown Part 9 #60-56

We’re nearing the half way point of the greatest movie countdown in the history of film and folks, things are getting pretty snippy here at Hi-Top HQ. some true classics of the 80s are absolutely clawing their way on to this list and honestly it’s touch and go here. Some flicks just will not make the cut and that’s just a sad fact of reality. But these 5 did and they are all beauties.

60. Planes Trains and Automobiles

Steve Martin. John Candy. That right there was worth the price of admission (which was like $3.75 back in 1987 – the inflation on movie tickets has been nuts). PTA had just about everything you could want in an 80s comedy including an Edie McClurg cameo:

Seriously that woman has a bit part in literally everything worth anything in the 80s (though her utter dominance as Ms. Poole in (Valerie) Hogan’s Family will always remain a personal fave.

59. St. Elmo’s Fire

The most “Brat Pack” of all the Brat Pack movies St. Elmo’s Fire is rich white kids’ problems turned up to a million – “We all graduated from Georgetown and real life is soooo hard”. The movie is so 80s that watching it now, it almost plays like a comedy sketch. An entire break-up argument revolves around splitting up the couples Billy Joel album collection!!!!! And truthfully that’s just what makes the film so great. Well that and Rob Lowe at his ultimate heartthrob peak of course.

58. !Three Amigos!

The first all out brawl in the Hi-Top HQ offices came over the placement of !Three Amigos! on this countdown. There were some who argued (and continue to argue) that Amigos is a Top 10 level comedy. For sure the star power is there – Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and (amazingly in his first movie – yes really) Martin Short is a murders row lineup. And some of the bits still kill today:

“He’s dead alright.”

57. Back to the Future 2

There’s not many sequels on this list (thank god for that) but BTTF2 earns it’s spot for sure. The genius of the Future trilogy is that the same things keep happening no matter how much Marty mucks things up. Part 2 definitely has the most convoluted plot (though the time travel rules do seem to stand up to scrutiny) and the dance scenes with dual Martys and Docs in 1955 are just straight up thrilling:

And the ending with the lightning bolt and the Western Union letter 🤯🤯🤯🤯:

Damn that was one hell of a great ending to a movie. Too bad Part 3 is all kinds of terrible.

56. Young Guns

Speaking of the Wild West – Young Guns is all kinds of awesome.

“Can’t be any geek of the street. Gotta be handy with the Steel if you know what I mean”:

One comment

  1. St Elmo’s and Young guns are my absolute favorites, so rewatchable, I can’t believe they don’t crack the top 50. 😭


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